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About Drape Net®

Drape Net® is a cost effective way of protecting tree crops from hail, birds/bats, sunburn, wind damage & specific insects, while also functioning as anti-bee netting for seedless citrus crops.

Drape Net was conceived over 15 years ago by a third generation orchardist trying to negate the devastating effects of hail. Our team combines a lifetime of orchard experience with 35 years of expertise in the netting industry, producing a high quality and long lasting product.

The best word to describe Drape Net is ‘simplicity’ as it is very adaptable and cost effective. Drape Net can be moved and stored very easily.

We’ve been manufacturing durable, high-quality crop protection netting since 2005, testing and perfecting Drape Net on our own orchards with outstanding results year-after-year. Our repeat customers are testament that Drape Net works and works well.

Why is Drape Net trusted by so many growers?

Cost-effective protection for fruit crops

Comprehensive protection against hail

Prevents damage from birds & fruit bats

Offers UV Protection - reducing sunburn

Apply & remove quickly with Netwizz

Drape Net has been developed by growers, for growers.​

Another Success Story...

“After being wiped out by hail in December 2018, straight away I knew things had to change. Any grower that has been affected by hail will understand that.

So after many discussions with Ian Bolitho (who has used Drape Net for a few years), and Michael Cunial from Drape Net, I purchased a container load of hail netting from Drape Net. I realised the benefits almost instantly, with protection from wind, sun and birds.

Of course, the big test came just a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday evening when another hail storm came through. The storm damaged up to, or more than, 50% of fruit not covered by netting, while everything covered by Drape Net was basically untouched by hail – so the netting has basically already paid for itself. I highly recommend Drape Net”.

David Bolitho
Willunga Orchard

...and another...

“I am exclusively a Persimmon grower in southern NSW and have been asked to tell my experiences using drape net for the last 4 years.

Originally, I purchased the netting for bird exclusion and the added benefit of hail protection to which for both it has been a success. As well as improving my 1st grade pack out from 50% to 90% of the picked fruit collected. The additional benefit was fruit fly exclusion.

Last year was the first time I had all productive areas of my orchard covered in drape net. Previous to this I had sprayed my uncontrolled blocks and monitored by fruit fly counts in traps throughout the orchard. Due to the drought previous to this season (2020-2021) fruit fly counts have been low and captured fly counts were marginal and debatable. This season (2020-2021) was a higher fly pressure year, but I had all but 2 traps under the netting and regularly checked. No fruit flies were trapped under the netting but the 2 traps outside the netting had trapped enough flies to trigger the threshold to spray twice late in the season (March to April).

During packing we had 2 pieces of fruit with suspect stings but no larvae out of 140 tonnes of packed fruit. It was possible for flies to fly under the netting near the ground and find a way under the netting but my experience and through speaking with other orchard with far more experience than I believe that fruit fly are quite lazy little buggers and they don’t go to the effort to find a hole to get in and do their dirty work.

I haven’t sprayed any fruit fly spray for the last 2 years and none for netted trees. Out of interest I have 25 loquat trees for my own use to which I have netted for bird and fruit fly exclusion. No damage from fruit fly has occurred but I’m still having a bit of trouble from finches pushing under the netting to get to the loquats.

In short, I find Drape Net an excellent product and will continue to invest in their products for my business.”

Christopher Stillard
3010 Mulwala Rd,
Barooga, NSW 3644

Who uses Drape Net?

Apple & Pear Growers

Provides significant protection against hail, sunburn, birds & bats.

Seedles Citrus Growers

Our Bee Net prevents cross-pollination in seedless citrus varieties.

Cherry Growers

Drape Net has proven success protecting cherries against pests like birds.

Grape Growers

Grape growers are using our nets to mitigate losses from birds.

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