Cost-Effective Crop Protection

Why is Drape Net trusted by so many growers?

Cost-effective protection for fruit crops

Comprehensive protection against hail

Prevents damage from birds & fruit bats

Offers UV Protection - reducing sunburn

Apply & remove quickly with Netwizz

Drape Net has been developed by growers, for growers.

Drape Net was conceived over 15 years ago by a third generation orchardist trying to negate the devastating effects of hail.

Our team combines a lifetime of orchard experience with 35 years of expertise in the netting industry, producing a high quality and long lasting product. The best word to describe Drape Net is ‘simplicity’ as it is very adaptable and cost effective. Drape Net can be moved and stored very easily.

Drape Net is trusted by growers around the world.

We are the original non-structured hail netting manufacturer, with over 35 years experience in the netting industry. If you’re looking for hail net, shade netting or cost-effective bird netting then get in touch today.

Why is Drape Net a market leader?

Drape Net is a cost effective way of protecting tree crops from hail, birds/bats, sunburn, wind damage & specific insects, while also functioning as anti-bee netting for seedless citrus crops.


Strong & Lightweight

Our team has over 35 years experience

Comprehensive quality control

Reduces transevaporation in soil

Who uses Drape Net?

Apple & Pear Growers

Provides significant protection against hail, sunburn, birds & bats.

Seedles Citrus Growers

Our Bee Net prevents cross-pollination in seedless citrus varieties.

Cherry Growers

Drape Net has proven success protecting cherries against pests like birds.

Grape Growers

Grape growers are using our nets to mitigate losses from birds.

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