Drape Net Accessories

1-Piece Bullhorn

1200mm – 25mm Diameter Pipe (1.5kg)
1500mm – 25mm Diameter Pipe (1.76kg)

Square Plate: 100mm x 100mm x 4mm
Hot-Dipped Galvanised with pigtails.

3-Piece Extendable Bullhorn

Bullhorns: Hot-Dipped Galvanised with pigtails.
1200mm – 25mm Diameter Pipe (1.5kg)
1500mm – 25mm Diameter Pipe (1.76kg)

Extension Pipe: 40mmNB – 1500mm
Mounting External Pipe: 50mmNB – 500mm

Spool Tubes

1100mm: 50mm x 50mm x 2mm (3.22kg)
1400mm: 50mm x 50mm x 2mm (4.1kg)

Net Wizz

Partially designed by Drape Net to assist with speedy application & removal of Drape Nets. Hi-lift, auto-tension, swivel mast.

Drape Net Storage

End Caps: 100 pieces/box (26kg)
1200mm x 1200mm at 200mic
UV Stretch Wrap: 500mm x 350m at 40mic (6.43kg).
UV-treated stretch wrap. Will cover approximately 60 Drape Net rolls

Sewing Machine

Industrial hand-held sewing machine for running repairs to nets. Cordless sewing machines also available.

Small Accessories

Spool of Thread: 1500m. Black or white. UV Bonded Polyester thread. Single rolls or 10 per box
Zip Ties: 24,000 Per Box. White or Black. We suggest white ties for black net and vice versa.